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Five star dynasty is

a college sports trading card game (TCG) that brings the nation’s most talented and compelling student athletes from fifteen different sports together in customizable decks for you to collect and play. Utilizing a fast and straightforward game design, Five Star Dynasty mimics the rapid reactions and in-game strategy of real sports, with unique game-altering college experience cards that reflect the same kind of momentum shifts that change the course of the most dramatic athletic contests.

Who is your starting five?

Start building your dynasty now!



Get to Know Us

Five Star Dynasty is a mission-driven company defining success by its values and beliefs, not by profits. We love college sports and the pride and tradition that are the foundation of an activity that over half a million college students engage in. But we also aim to disrupt the systemic inequities in college athletics that:

  • continue to focus the recruitment process on an increasingly narrow population of youth athletes that can afford to “pay to play,” 

  • underdevelop career pipelines for athletes not likely to earn adequate wages from professional sports, and 

  • undermine the marketability of many college sports outside of football and basketball, particularly women’s sports.  

As an aspiring public benefit corporation, we are committed not just to ethical business and transparency, but to reinvesting in youth sports programs, nonprofits, and our own scholarship, fellowship, and internship programs to address these inequities head-on.


Five Star Dynasty’s mission is threefold

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