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All you need to play Five Star Dynasty is a Starter Deck and a friend!


[36 TOTAL CARDS] Each of the two starter decks in the 2023-24 Premiere Set features six "college experience" cards and the 30 student athletes listed below. If you don't find the student athlete(s) you are looking for in this list, check the other starter deck--or buy both decks together in a dual-deck gift box that contains the entire 2023-24 Premiere Set.


Decks come with an instruction booklet and are shrink-wrapped in a "tuck box" like those you would see used for a typical deck of cards.


Student Athletes in Starter Deck #2:

Volleyball: Isabella Bergmark (Texas)

Volleyball: Naija Gadis (Jackson State)

Soccer: Giana Riley (Gonzaga)

Soccer: Kylee Simmons (Missouri)

Soccer: Mia Justus (Texas)

Soccer: Giovanni Calderon (Cal State Fullerton)

Soccer: Nick Fernandez (Portland)

Football: Jameson Wang (Cornell)

Basketball: Aaliyah Gayles (USC)

Basketball: Kaitlyn Chen (Princeton)

Basketball: Lyric Swann (North Florida)

Basketball: Taylor Thierry (Ohio State)

Basketball: Caleb Murphy (DePaul)

Basketball: Keshawn Pegues (Morehouse)

Basketball: Sean Moore (Fairleigh Dickinson)

Field Hockey: Olivia Bent-Cole (Northwestern)

Softball: Cydney Sanders (Oklahoma)

Softball: Danieca Coffey (Louisiana State)

Baseball: Tyshon Patty (Jackson State)

Baseball: JonJon Vaughns (UCLA)

Tennis: Ayana Akli (South Carolina)

Tennis: Andrew Lutschaunig (Ohio State)

Golf: Lauren Kim (Texas)

Track & Field: Jada Moore (San Diego State)

Track & Field/Football: Jakai Coker (Northwest Oklahoma State)

Track & Field: Zyaire Nuriddin (Tennessee)

Gymnastics: Zyia Coleman (Fisk)

Fencing: Edriss Ndiaye (Ohio State)

2023-24 Premiere Set: Starter Deck #2

SKU: 2324-PRM-DEK2
Ships May 2024
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