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This set of limited edition special cards comes in a Gold Foil "Lux Box" and features up to 15 of the student athletes from the 2023-24 Premiere Set in limited edition special card designs.


[15 CARDS TOTAL] These special collector cards include:

  • Guest Artist Lyric Swann Self-Portrait Alternate Artwork Card - Lyric will also be creating alternate artwork cards for a special promotion featuring each student athlete from the school with the biggest "fanbase" (vote with your pre-order through FEB 29!).
  • "Ring Leader" Champion Alternate Artwork Cards - For each student athlete included in the 2023-24 Premiere Set who won a team or individual national championship in the 2022-23 academic year, we have printed a special alternate artwork card to celebrate their accomplishment, with illustrations by Shannon Snelgrove featuring a prominent "high-gloss" textured ring (or two or three) in the foreground. This group includes:
    • Fred Richard (Michigan Gymnastics)
    • Bella Bergmark (Texas Volleyball)
    • Cydney Sanders (Oklahoma Softball)
    • Andrew Lutschaunig (Ohio State Tennis)
    • Laila Edwards (Wisconsin Ice Hockey)
    • Chayla Edwards (Wisconsin Ice Hockey)
  • Holographic Parallels - Vote for your favorite player in the comments of our "Who's Your Starting Five?" instagram post to get them their own holographic parallel!

2023-24 Premiere Set: Limited Edition Special Cards

SKU: 2324-PRM-SET2
Ships May 2024
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