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[72 TOTAL CARDS] A dual-deck gift box featuring both starter decks: the entire 2023-24 Five Star Dynasty Premiere Set. The set includes all 12 "college experience" cards and all sixty student athletes from the game (see list below).


This product comes in a dual-deck box with both decks side-by-side with a divider in the middle and an easy flip lid.


Student Athletes in 2023-24 Premiere Set (60):

Volleyball: Isabella Bergmark (Texas)

Volleyball: Naija Gadis (Jackson State)

Volleyball: Alexis Shelton (Oklahoma)

Volleyball: Jalyn Gibson (TCU)

Volleyball/Track & Field: Karly Klaer (Cleveland State)

Volleyball: Natalie Perdue (SMU)

Soccer: Giana Riley (Gonzaga)

Soccer: Kylee Simmons (Missouri)

Soccer: Mia Justus (Texas)

Soccer: Sarah Weber (Nebraska)

Soccer: Sophie McCarthy (UConn)

Soccer: Daniel Ittycheria (Princeton)

Soccer: Weyimi Agbeyegbe (Washington & Lee)

Soccer: Giovanni Calderon (Cal State Fullerton)

Soccer: Nick Fernandez (Portland)

Football: Jameson Wang (Cornell)

Football: Aaron Webb (Mississippi Valley State)

Football: Alejandro Mata (Colorado)

Basketball: Aaliyah Gayles (USC)

Basketball: Kaitlyn Chen (Princeton)

Basketball: Lyric Swann (North Florida)

Basketball: Taylor Thierry (Ohio State)

Basketball: Aijha Blackwell (Baylor)

Basketball: Diaba Konate (UC Irvine)

Basketball: RayJ Dennis (Baylor)

Basketball: Ty Johnson (UC Davis)

Basketball: Wynston Tabbs (Morgan State)

Basketball: Caleb Murphy (DePaul)

Basketball: Keshawn Pegues (Morehouse)

Basketball: Sean Moore (Fairleigh Dickinson)

Field Hockey: Olivia Bent-Cole (Northwestern)

Ice Hockey: Laila Edwards (Wisconsin)

Ice Hockey: Chayla Edwards (Wisconsin)

Lacrosse: Maliya Haddock (Iona)

Lacrosse: Kobie Johnson (Morgan State)

Softball: Cydney Sanders (Oklahoma)

Softball: Danieca Coffey (Louisiana State)

Softball: Carmynn Bonner (Hampton)

Softball: Jessica Mullins (Texas State)

Baseball: Tyshon Patty (Jackson State)

Baseball: JonJon Vaughns (UCLA)

Tennis: Ayana Akli (South Carolina)

Tennis: Carolyn Ansari (Auburn)

Tennis: Jonah Braswell (Texas)

Tennis: Andrew Lutschaunig (Ohio State)

Golf: Lauren Kim (Texas)

Golf: Luke Kluver (Oklahoma)

Track & Field: Tionna Brown (Florida A&M)

Track & Field: Jada Moore (San Diego State)

Track & Field/Football: Jakai Coker (Northwest Oklahoma State)

Track & Field: Zyaire Nuriddin (Tennessee)

Gymnastics: Zyia Coleman (Fisk)
Gymnastics: Fred Richard (Michigan)

Gymnastics: Maxwell Odden (Nebraska)

Swimming & Diving: Nyah Funderburke (Ohio State)

Swimming & Diving: Saylor Hawkins (North Texas)

Swimming & Diving: Julian Hill (Arizona State)
Fencing: Edriss Ndiaye (Ohio State)

2023-24 Premiere Set: Dual Deck Gift Set (Entire Set)

SKU: 2324-PRM-SET1
Ships May 2024
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